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Tha reason shark skin wasabi grater is recommended
Today because fresh wasabi roots are very expensive, even lost of high class restaurants mix fresh wasabi with powdered wasabi.
We should enjoy this valuable food, fresh wasabi. The secret to enjoying fresh wasabi is how to grate it. Using a shark skin grater has long been said to be the best way grate fresh wasabi. Grating a fresh wasabi root in circular motion will bring out the best taste and flavor.
Each shark skin grater is made with great care from the heart and we highly recommend it.

We consistently stick with the best quality of shark skin and craft this product.
This product is made of well selected too quality shark skin and natural wood.
Round paddle shape is best suited for grating frash Wasabi. It makes circular grating easy.
The best quality Kyoto style dyed china with best selected shark skin.
It's for a souvenir and it's easy to carry and use.
Shark skin is tacked down on Rosewood with gold coated tacks.
Corted with URUSHI and designed by MAKIE,RADEN,CHINKIN.
Pastel colored urethane resin coating helps to match with a westem-style kitchen.
Original sign board with a natural wood solid timber.
Assortment of the best quality fresh Wasabi from Izu Amagi and shark skin grater with a Wasabi guide book.
A special bag for carrying and storing your shark skin grater.
It's convenient to have a spoon or a brush to scoop grated wasabi.
Our products can be branded with your original logo.



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