Suggestions for Frash Wasabi

Nutrition information of wasabi root
Water 78.7%
Protein 4.7%
Fat 0.2%
Carbohydrate 13.9%
Fiber 1.3%
Food ash 1.2%
Vitamin C 50mg/100g
The reasons that Wasabi keeps you healty
No.1 Preventing cancer and controlling metastasize.
No.2 Wasabi has an anti-oxidative effect and reduces cholestedrol in blood.
No.3 Wasabi helps promote re-growth of brain cells giving an effect in preventing dementia.
No.4 Wasabi detoxifies noxious substances like mercury in our body and makes our liver healthy.
No.5 Wasabi stops increase of Helicobacter pylori and prevents food poisoning with powerful antibacterial effect.
      This is a datea is based on research from the universities below.
      Nagoya University graduate school jaboratory for biosis and agriculture

      Shizuoka Prefectural University food and nutrition department
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Spicy side of Wasabi
Wasabi's particular pungency is sinigrin. When a fresh wasabi root is grated, enzymic activity begins and it brings the pungency out. The top of a root has more pungency than middle part. The taste can vary widely owing to the way a wasabi root is grated.

Storing Wasabi
Wen you wrap it with wet newspapers and store it in the vegetable compartment of a refrigerator, it lasts 3 weeks.
Grated fresh wasabi can be frozen but it won't keep the good flavor and taste.

The season of Wasabi
They can be grown a all year around because they grow in running water a stable temperature. The market demand in December is extraordinarity high compared to other months. Demand through the rest of the year is stable.

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Isn't Wasabi in a tube really Wasabi !?
Wasabi in tubes are in widespread use but the most of those products are not real wasabi.
The western horse radishes are used in them and they contain a fair percentage of auxiliary material to keep high quality for long time at room temperature. The package tells you how much auxiliary material consist in a tube. Also in many cases a fair percentage of western horse radish is used so in fact only a little fresh wasabi is used. In other words tube wasabi products won't provide you the health element called
sulfinyl so much. If you would like to consume it, you should eat fresh wasabi roots. In addition, powdered wasabi is dried powdered western horse radishes with added substance like artificial color.
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What is sulfinyl ?
Sulfinyl is one of the nutrients produced when a fresh wasabi is grated.
It is good for preventing cancer, controlling metastasize, has an anti-oxidative effects, provides antidotal effects, self-cleansing effect, promotes blood circulation and offers an antibacterial effect.
Regular tube wasabi has added substances, so we can't get any of
sulfinyl from it.
Even fresh wasabi has only about 0.04% of
sulfinyl. We need about 5g of sulfinyl a day so we should habitually take fresh grated wasabi every day in our diet.

The report of the study

18 Dec 2008
Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya city University Professor Kenji Okajima and associate professor Naoaki Harada's result about connection between wasabi and brain cell regrowth was on the first page of the newspaper "Chunichi Shinbun".
According to the report, if you have 12.5g of pungency ingredients a day, it helps the brain cells to regrow.
To get pungency from wasabi, using shark skin grater is the best way.
When wasabi is grated well, enzyme gets reaction and ensure maximum pungency called 6MS mustard oil.
We suggest you to eat 12.5g of grated fresh wasabi with your meal every day.

18 Feb 2008
Wasabi provides anti-aging
Chubu University research team's breakthrough.
Hot flavor helps activation of an enzyme.

A research team led by Prof. Joji Miwa of Chubu University Applied Biology dept. discovered the hot flavor of Wasabi has an effect against aging and illness. This report was released on an electronic version of the Us Science Journal PLOS (Public Library of Science) ONE 2/17 2010.
Prof. Miwa's analysis of the component responsible for Wasabi's pungency (ALTC) activates enzymes in the body that prevent the Oxidant stresses which cause again and illness.
In an experiment by the research team a group of 1mm long nematodes was observed. After 6 hours, 60% of the nematodes that received ALTC were alive compared to only 20% of the control group.
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